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HOUSE CLEANING SERVICES Cleanliness being close to Godliness is an overused yet, often underestimated statement. The House Cleaning Services Singaporeimportance of clean, clutter-free surroundings cannot be diluted, whether it’s in a place of work, stay or recreation. Statistics show that a neat, hygienic environment encourages positivity and creativity. It also promotes peace, productivity and rejuvenation. In fact, modern spiritualists claim that your immediate environment could be a direct reflection of your inner space or mind. So if ones setting is filled with negative agents of filth or disorder, it is highly likely that one is holding onto negative emotions. Hence, a spotless home facilitates happiness and good health while a mess-free office or workplace ensures motivation and superior output. Earlier, cleaning one’s own home was a chore to be performed alone with no affordable assistance available. Many homemakers still prefer to personally manage the cleaning of their homes rather than trusting hired help. Today, the scenario in Home Cleaning is specialised, professional and dependable with the advent of cleaning service agencies entering the market. The days of slaving via scouring are long gone… FREQUENCY AND SCOPE OF HOME CLEANING In any home, the frequency of cleaning depends on the usage of the element in question. Below is a table summarising the ideal frequency at which the individual components of an average home ought to be cleaned ***With our cleaning service, we can enjoy the monthly pest cleaning and maintenance.***

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