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Liguang Cleaning & Transport Services

Blk 848 Yishun St 81, 02-124, Singapore 760848

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本公司承接一条龙服务,各种房屋大清洁,搬迁,退房和装修后的深度清洁,一次性大扫除,厨房去油有专业的药水,清洁团队经过专业培训,经验丰富,仔细认真负责,专抠死角,很专业的团队竭诚为您服务,保证您满意,不做不知道,做了才知道,话不多说,用质量来说话。 期待您的来电📞93747871,91199973。谢谢支持 We are a one-stop cleaning company. We provide all kinds of house cleaning, relocation, deep cleaning after check-out and decoration, one-time cleaning etc. Our cleaning team is professionally trained, experienced, and responsible. We use professional medicines for degreasing in the kitchen and take care of all blind spots. We are here standby for your dedicated service to your satisfaction, Looking forward to your call 📞93747871, 91199973. Thank you for your support!

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