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(RUIJIETECHNOLOGY)focusing on security monitoring, network expansion, CCTV, Wi-Fi router, IP WIFI camera, mobile all day monitoring, Chinese and English operating system, network management plan to protect your home and business security ! Cooperation manufacturers products: Dahua various types of security products, DLink network Business includes: cable installation, electrical equipment, access control systems, smart home Installation locations include: HDB, Business shop, SPA, Condo, Hawker centers, office, Shopping malls。Security thousands of miles,Service zero distance. contact number:90221606 瑞捷安防,专注于安防监控,网络扩展,CCTV,Wi-Fi路由器,IP WIFI camera, 手机全天监控,中英文操作系统,网络管理计划,保障您的家与商业安全无忧! 合作厂商产品:大华各类安防产品,DLink 网络, 行车记录仪 业务包括:线路安装,各类电器设备,门禁系统,智能家居 安装地点包含:政府组屋,商业店面,SPA,公寓,小贩中心,办公室,商场。 安防千万里,服务零距离。 联系电话:90221606

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