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Zhi Lian TV repair service

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To undertake household appliances, TV, oven and all kinds of electronic products in the electronic maintenance professional work for more than ten years of very skilled in circuit maintenance, attention to computer data recovery circuit maintenance repair need can contact at any time to consult A Hua :89429842 . note: the need for door-to-door service will be charged $30 NEW currency. A single will give chemafei maintenance 3 months warranty time. 承接家用电器,电视机,烤箱等以及各类电子产品等 从事十几年的电子维修专业工作 对电路维修非常熟练,专注电路维修 电脑修复 数据恢复等 有需要的可随时联系咨询 阿华: 89429842 备注:需要上门服务的会收取$30新币的车马费 .维修一单会给3个月的包修时间.

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