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CMS TECH was incorporated on the year 2012. We are a handyman services company made up of skilled and dedicated individuals. With more than 15 years of experiences on handyman crafts, our members leveraged on each other's expertise to form a strong core foundation for our team. Over the years prior to incorporation, our team's strategy had made us one of the most active contractors in the industry specialising on a wide range of handyman crafts. Throughout the years, many companies have benefited from our professional service. The compliments and positive feedbacks that we received from these clients inspire us to maintain our professionalism. Most of our clients are from the Pharmaceutical Industry, Food & Beverages (F&B) Industry as well as Machinery workshops situated all over Singapore. CMS TECH 是在2012年成立的。我们由经验丰富和具有奉献精神的技术人员组成。我们拥有超过15年的经验,多年来,我们已成为市场上最受欢迎的公司之一。 多年来,许多公司已经从我们的专业服务中受益。我们收到的赞美和积极的反馈激励我们保持我们的专业精神。我们的大多数客户都来自制药行业,食品和饮料(餐饮业)以及机械制造厂。

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