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ISO-Homecare Pte Ltd.

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We are all familiar with that moment when you realise that something in your house is not working properly. You have checked the plugs and the settings but it is still not working. Electrical Safety in your home is important to ensure that you and your family are safe from electrical hazards at all times. You need to plan in advance for situations to ensure a upper hand when they do occur. Taking your electrical safety for granted may lead to a 'shocking' experience. Here at ISO Home care, we have dedicated electric professionals who can take care of all your household and commercial needs. 在您的家庭中电气安全是重要的,以确保在任何时间您和您的家庭是安全的,远离电气危害。在电气危害发生时,您需要提前计划,以确保有人能够及时帮助您。在这里,根据国际标准化组织的标准,我们有专门的电气专业人士可以照顾您的所有家庭或商业需求。

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