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Mr.Speedy plumbing & electrical services is a professional service arm of Champion Republic Pte Ltd, a dynamic company well known for offering the most reputable and impressive lines of home products in the market. We notice in the market lacking of transparent pricing, professional service and warranty of workanship. We undertake to establish a professional service workforce with more than 20 years of experiences dedicated to solve your chokage, plumbing and electrical problems. We have gained an edge over others by efficiency service, reasonable price and assurance of quality workmanship. You can trust our team to solve your problem. Hence we added values to customer by saving up their time struggling on problem for quality family time. ‘We guanratee your satifsfaction’ is our motto to help our customers to save time & money. Over the years, we have delivered many impressive works and earned wide range of satistified customers. Mr.speedy水暖电服务是一个一个充满活力的公司,在市场上以提供最有信誉的的家居产品而为大众周知。 我们注意到市场缺乏透明的价格,专业的服务和保修的保障。我们建立一个拥有超过20年的经验,致力于解决你管道和电气问题的专业服务队伍。我们以高效的服务、合理的价格、优质的工艺保证我们的优势。 你可以信任我们的团队来解决你的问题。因此,我们创造了价值,为客户节省了他们的时间。“我们保证您的满意“是我们的座右铭,帮助我们的客户节省时间和金钱。多年来,我们赢得了广泛的满意客户

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