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Yee Zhong Electrical Service

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At YEE ZHONG, we ensures that your electrical works are carried out by professional electricians. We always provide safe and reliable services to all our clients. Satisfaction from our clients is of utmost importance to us. We are readily available 24/7 so feel free to contact us anytime and we will fix your troubles for you! YEE ZHONG provides services island-wide maintaining, repairing and installing of electrical works. Our service includes fixing of power failure, power tripping, electrical appliances, short-circuit, wiring/rewiring, electrical extensions, testing electrical powers, inspection of electrical works, fixing basins/faucets and also fixing of leakage and blockage 我们保证您的电气工程施工是由专业电工进行。我们总是给我们的所有客户提供安全可靠的服务。我们的客户满意度是最重要的。我们24小时全天候都准备为您服务,解决您的烦恼! YEE ZHONG提供全岛维护服务,修理和电气工程安装。我们的服务包括电源故障,电源跳闸,电器短路维修,接线/重新布线,电气扩展固定,测试电功率,电务检查,修复盆/水龙头及泄漏和堵塞维修。

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