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TK Electricians was borne out of necessity and frustration. We are keenly aware of the problems faced by home owners while having their homes renovated –we have been on the receiving end of bad service too. After one too many bad experiences with different contractors, we concluded there is a dearth of reliable, affordable electricians in the market today. That’s the reason we decided to set-up TK Electricians – to provide quality electrical works for home and business owners alike, all at an affordable price point. Our working model consist of trained electricians, supervised by a highly experienced electrician manager. Our team members are passionate in their work and dedicated to the client. This devotion to detail has given rise to strong demand for our services. We continue to offer economically-priced, quality service to our clients, and are deeply gratified by our clientele’s satisfaction. TK电工认识房主关于家庭装修所面临的问题 -- 收费合理的电工缺乏。这就是我们决定建立TK电工的原因 -- 为家庭和企业主提供优质的电力工程一样。 我们的工作由训练有素的电工执行,同时由具有丰富经验的电工经理监督。我们的团队成员富有工作热情,乐于奉献。这种奉献精神, 给我们带来的大量的客户。我们将继续提供经济的价格,优质的服务给我们的客户。

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