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587 Bukit Timah Road Coronation Shopping Plaza #03-32 Singapore 269707 We support students to achieve their study goals and academic ambitions, and to deliver top quality teaching in a personal and conducive study environment in small closeknitted groups. We have many verifiable and real success stories of past students to show on request. We offer very flexible and progressive methods of teaching to suit the needs and aptitudes of each individual student and we take personal responsibility for their progress. We also provide educational conselling to help them make decision regarding their future careers and further educational needs e.g. the best overseas universities or colleges to pursue their interests and the best way to get there. We cater for all science and mathematical subjects from Secondary 1 up to JC 2 levels. 587 Bukit Timah Road Coronation Shopping Plaza #03-32 Singapore 269707 我们帮助学生实现学习目标,达成学业志向,通过密切合作的学习小组,营造私密、良好的学习氛围,从而保证高质量的教学。 如果客户有兴趣咨询的话,我们可以提供许多过去学生成功的真实案例。我们采用灵活先进的教学方法,以适应每个学生不同的资质与个人需求,我们及每一位老师都对学生的进步负责。考虑到学生更长远的教育需要和职业规划,我们会提供课程咨询,帮助他们作出决定,比如是否、如何到顶级名校留学来追求个人兴趣与理想。我们面向中学一年级到JC二年级学生,开办理数各学科辅导。

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