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1 GoldHill Plaza Goldhill Plaza #03-49 Singapore 308899 Our Philosophies,The fundamental principles of any subject can be taught at any age provided that the material is converted to a stage that is age appropriate for the learner. It is important to aid the children in mastering a new concept by using hints and pointers from teachers. Interactions with teachers will keep students engaged. When students are engaged, they are thinking. It’s best for teacher to push the envelope a little and try to make the students work to gain new information. Students learn by adding new information together with what they already know. As a result, students are able to form their own path toward a solution and by doing so, students eventually self-regulate or think and solve problems without the help of others. 1 GoldHill Plaza Goldhill Plaza #03-49 Singapore 308899 我们的教育理念 ——根据各年龄段学生的学习能力,修订教学材料,调整教学进度,使得任何学科的基本原理都可以教授给任何适当年龄段的学生。 让学生在老师的提示、指引中掌握知识,掌握新概念的方法在教育当中至关重要。同时课堂师生互动,让孩子积极参与,自主学习,不断思考,不断进步。 对于教师而言,授之以鱼不如授之以渔,通过引导来帮助学生掌握知识。 学生将学得的知识不断积累,用自己的方式寻找解决方法,最终能够自我调节、思考并独立解决问题。

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