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Glory Centre Community Services Association

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540 Hougang Avenue 8 HDB-Hougang #01-1231 Singapore 530540 Our Before and After School Care Centre offers a wide range of programmes that cover cognitive, creative, physical and emotional development. Our team of experienced and dedicated teachers guide the children in their studies and provide support where needed, while allowing them to develop holistically through well-structured enrichment programmes. We also provide a well-balanced diet for the children, to ensure that they get all the adequete nutrition. 540 Hougang Avenue 8 HDB-Hougang #01-1231 Singapore 530540 我们Before and After School Care Centre提供了丰富多样的培训项目,培养学生在德智体美上的全方位发展。我们拥有着经验丰富爱岗敬业的教师团队,能够指导学生学业,同时通过完善的教育体系,帮助学生全面发展。我们也为孩子们提供营养均衡的饮食,确保他们能摄取充足的营养。

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