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3 Anson Road Springleaf Tower #08-03 Singapore 079909 Founded in 2006 by INSEAD alumni, Prep Zone has long been Singapore’s largest, most innovative, and most acclaimed test-prep company. The company’s trademarked teaching methodology, based on unlimited classes and small group sizes, is utilised every year by thousands of students in Singapore. Besides Singapore (our favourite city and HQ), Prep Zone also has teaching centres in India (Mumbai), and in China (Shanghai). Apart from teaching all major standardised tests, the company also creates and conducts admissions tests for prestigious international schools and universities, such as Euromed, European School of Management and Technology, the Indian School of Business, and INSEAD. 3 Anson Road Springleaf Tower #08-03 Singapore 079909 Prep Zone(培臻国际)始建于2006年,公司最初由一批毕业于欧洲工商管理学院的学生成立,现已发展成为新加坡最大的留学咨询机构,长期富于活力创新,受到广大学生的欢迎。在开放式课堂与小班化教育的基础上,公司建立了一整套教学方法,并且为其注册了商标,这套方法在机构教师传授知识的同时,也被成千上万的机构本土学生实践着。时至今日,Prep Zone(培臻国际)的业务范围已经从新加坡本土(我们最喜爱的城市,亦为总部)扩展到印度孟买和中国上海。公司教授的课程也不再仅限于主流标准化考试,开始为国际权威高校的入学考试命题、监考,如Euromed(马赛高商),European School of Management and Technology(欧洲管理技术学院),the Indian School of Business(印度商学院)与INSEAD(欧洲工商管理学院)。

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