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House of Hot Shotz

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290 East Coast Road Singapore 428950 At Hot Shotz, we understand your care and concern you have for your child(ren)’s well-being while you are at work. This is the main reason why we are here to help assure you that your child(ren) are in good hands with our trained staff from House of Hot Shotz! We wish to instill the fundamental values of being independent and reliable in the path of learning and growing through guided supervision in our students. 290 East Coast Road Singapore 428950 还在忧虑上班时孩子的安全?还在担心孩子不能健康成长?把孩子送到House of Hot Shotz吧,这里有训练有素的工作人员,能保证他们的安全与教育。House of Hot Shotz将引导、监督孩子,在学习与成长的过程中,培养他们的独立精神与担当责任。

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