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Idy Academy(The Hill Lodge Campus)

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27 Mount Vernon Road Singapore 368052 Service Guarantee, Our teachers have the required qualifications and competency to conduct the courses. We make careful assessment of the students' needs and proficiencies in matching with the courses offered at our school by conducting tests to ascertain their suitability. All courses shall commence on the schedule dates as stated in the student contract. IDY Academy promotes a conducive learning environment through a low teacher-student ratio of 1:40. Our large and small classrooms can sit a maximum of 42 and 20 people respectively. We have procedures to deal with any student’s grievance and complaints and undertake to resolve them within the maximum period of 14 working days. 27 Mount Vernon Road Singapore 368052 高质量服务是我们的承诺,我们以行业内高素质的合格师资力量做保证。学生提出的要求,我们都会在模拟测评适合度后,经过严谨的考核,结合该生的熟练程度,给学生匹配最合适的课程。依照学生签订的合同,课程会在约定的开课日启动。根据IDY Academy推行的最佳师生比——1:40,我们的大小教室至多能分别容纳42和20人。我们实行流程化投诉,力图在14个工作日内解决问题。

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