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Pro-teach(Wellington Branch - School-based)

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10 Wellington Circle Wellington Primary School Singapore 757702 We believe that hard work, directed by diligence, intelligence and talent, is one of the fundamentals of our success. To make our student care experience as effective as we can, we rely on intensive research and input from education experts of various fields. The result? Learning that is sound, engaging, relevant and fun. It’s an approach that’s helped Pro-Teach become Singapore’s leading student care organisation. Pro-Teach is fortunate to have some of the most capable specialists in the industry, with an extensive range of skills and depth of knowledge and experience, combined with a respectable level of dedication and commitment. 10 Wellington Circle Wellington Primary School Singapore 757702 我们坚信,勤奋与智慧是公司迈向成功的关键。为让照管学生的努力不被白费,我们聘请了各个领域的专家,进行了大量的调查,而效果是极好的。学习变得有趣、贴近现实,学生也开始聚精会神,安心地投入学习——这一成绩使Pro-Teach一跃成为领先新加坡的学生托管机构。我们有幸拥有一支行内顶尖的专家队伍,他们不仅在诸多领域各有专攻,更富有贡献精神,令人肃然起敬。

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