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School of Thought Learning Centre

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112 Middle Road Midland House #08-01 Singapore 188970 Today, School of Thought works as part of The Thought Collective, an ecosystem of social businesses that we also started. We are involved in broader work outside the school and work with government, businesses and welfare organisations. The insights we gain there helps us keep our classroom lessons relevant. The school shares the group’s mission to do whatever we can to help the next generation of Singaporeans become braver, kinder and stronger. 112 Middle Road Midland House #08-01 Singapore 188970 School of Thought现在属于Thought Collective计划的一部分,这是我们启动的一款社会商务的电子系统。随着工作范围不再局限于学校内部,我们开始越来越多与政府、商界及公益组织打交道,这些经历有助于我们的课程贴近现实。学校继承了该组织的使命——促进新加坡的下一代茁壮成长,变得更加勇敢、善良,更加强大。

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