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East Chen Consultancy

150 Orchard Road, Orchard Plaza, 02-45, Singapore 238841

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A Professional Metaphysics Services Consultancy leads by Master Wesley Lim that support both its Domestics and International customers with Trustworthy and Outstanding Professional Feng Shui and Bazi Analysis services, supplemented by its high energy authentic all natural Crystals collections and aesthetic Water Features. With modernized and in-depth Feng Shui & Bazi skills and knowledge, Feng Shui Master Singapore - East Chen Consultancy serves it clients which includes Multi-National Companies seeking Business Advancement or Family individuals looking for a better life quality, with a level of Expertise, Transparency & Quality that is hard to beat across its customer base of MNC, SME, Hotels, Retail Boutiques and of course, Residential Occupants. Today, East Chen Consultancy, who is well respected and trusted by its Domestics and International Clients & Students, runs offices in Singapore and Malaysia to serves its Domestic, ASEAN and International Customers and Students the way a professional Feng Shui and Metaphysics Service and Learning Organization should be; with Ethics and Dignity. East Chen Consultancy, a Professional Feng Shui and Bazi Service and Learning Organization that you can trust. 由林雨生大师掌舵,深受其本地和国际客户信赖的东辰咨询,以其专业,高超的风水与八字分析服务和态度, 配以高能量水晶与精美流水饰物的辅助赢得了各层各界客户的青睐和支持。 善于古文今用的东辰咨询,在深入了解了风水与八字的精髓后,以高水准,高透明和高品质的服务态度,把强力有效的现代化技术运用在其包括了跨国公司,中小企业,酒店,零售店面和住宅客户上,在实际的层面上提升其生意和生活素质。 如今,深受其国际和本地客户和学生尊敬和拥护的东辰咨询在其新马两地的办事处,以任何专业和负责任的风水玄学公司应有的道德和尊严,为其本土,东盟和国际客户和学生提供高素质的服务和培训。 东辰咨询,一个您可信赖的风水和八字玄学服务和培训公司。

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