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Feng Shui Master (Adrian Lo)

2 Boon Lay Drive, Singapore 649925

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Adrian Lo, 46 years old, is a well-known reputable feng shui master based in Singapore with many experiences since 2004. An international geomancer, he is known for his mastery in combining both traditional and modern approach in geomancy. He promotes innovative yet inexpensive ideas to channel and attract auspicious and positive qi into your home and office to improve your personal and professional relationships. Typically, he would schedule home or office viewing to be able to study everything. His Consultation is strictly based on advance appointment booking as most of the time his schedules are full. Free Consultation and Quotation! All appointments are on first come first serve basis. Preferably to book at least one or two weeks ahead. If you are interested in my services, please drop me an email or fill up enquiry form in our web to lock a date and i will get back to you. Thank you. (Please fill up the enquiry form if its not urgent, Master Lo will contact you when within 24 hrs.) If you need further clarification, please drop me a note or give us a call.

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