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Guangzhou Hongxun International Freight Co., Ltd. is a professional China to Singapore shipping door to door logistics company. To provide you with the following services: contractors for the export of Chinese goods transport operations and Lanhuo, warehouses, warehousing, transit, international container transport, container devanning assembled, customs declaration, 报检, insurance, LCL, International Bulk and FCL Door to door and other train services, the entire cabinet, LCL sea service Singapore door to door. Sino-foreign joint ventures, Hong Xun International Freight Logistics Guangzhou Co., Ltd. is committed to building China's professional maritime transport, land transport, air transport enterprises. The company is headquartered in Guangzhou, Shenzhen has branches, with a huge service network, Hong Xun International Freight Logistics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou, high coverage, high efficiency services by many companies and institutions recognized. Will be in a professional spirit to provide you with safe, economical and professional services. Division I and major shipping companies have long maintained good relations of cooperation in many routes have a very advantageous price and rich experience in the operation. A: Shipping price: ⑴: 420RMB / cubic ⑷: 20 cubic meters or more, we can send the whole cabinet to Singapore by sea, and our company offer the special line preferential price. The whole cabinet 20GP and HQ40 general cabinet to Singapore price, please contact customer service. ① The above quotations do not include GST, GST is Singapore's official uniform according to the value of the goods 7% of the tax. (GST can be paid together with the shipping charges to Division I, Division I customer tax, save trouble for the customer) ② If you want an independent Singapore customs clearance, the company must be looked up clearance, the receiving company must have the right to import and export tax rebate. ③ ocean freight payment: Alipay, bank, Taobao (international credit card to pay in Taobao), to pay (Singapore home delivery to pay SGD cash) ④ shipping quotes including free warehouses in China receiving, finishing, loading, China customs, shipping, Singapore customs clearance, Singapore home delivery, no other charges. ⑤ sea aging: loading from our company to Singapore delivery generally 9 days. ⑥ Note: 1 cubic meters of ocean freight start (not enough 1 cubic by 1 cubic charges, more than 1 cubic according to the actual volume of charges, Such as 0.8 cubic meters in accordance with 1 cubic charges, such as 1.1 cubic cubic meters in accordance with 1.1 charges. 1 cubic heavy cargo weight limit of 500 kg). Second: Air offer: ⑴: 1-11 kg price, general cargo first 0.5 kg 28RMB, continued 0.5 kg start 12RMB calculation, 1-11 kg of cargo charges to 0.5 kg unit (sensitive goods plus 50RMB / batch) ⑵: 11 kg or more, general cargo 18RMB / kg, 11 kilograms or more charge in whole kilograms (sensitive goods plus 5RMB per kilogram) ⑶: 70 kg or more, general cargo 17RMB / kg, (sensitive goods plus 5RMB per kg) ① air offer contains customs clearance, including fuel costs, package delivery home, does not include tax (air cargo value less than 70 US dollars can be tax-free) ② air rules: more than 1 kg less than 1KG by 1KG charges, sub-heavy and heavy volume, charging volume and the actual weight of the larger, Volume weight method: long cmX wide cmX high cm / 5000 = kg ③ indicate: air time limitation generally about 4 days, air transport does not support the cost to pay. Contact: Mr. Chen

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