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广州市白云区嘉禾鹤龙一路佳骏工业园5号2楼, Singapore 510430

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Singapore Shipping Company, Kai Chun Logistics, furniture, packaging and transportation to Singapore, buying a house in Singapore, many Singaporean Chinese buy a house in Singapore, and then buy furniture in China to Hong Kong, Singapore, the purchase of 3 times less than in Singapore, really affordable . (Guangzhou, China) company business contacts Mobile: 86-18142856339 (Guangzhou, China) Company: Shu (Business Director) QQ Consulting: 514644243 MAIL: Office Address: Baiyun District, Guangzhou Jiahe Crane all the way Jiajun Industrial Park, 2nd Floor, No. 5 Warehouse Location: Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China Jiahe He Long Jia Jun Industrial Park on the 5th Floor, No. 101 Warehouse 102 Zip Code: 510430

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