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China's shipping to Singapore has always been a cubic meter far from the sea. It is very inconvenient for domestic customers. In addition to buying furniture at home, it is basically impossible to buy 1 cubic meter of goods. Furniture is only bought a few years, and our beloved Taobao, is to buy every month. In order to facilitate everyone, we introduced a small piece of billing, which is 0.01 cubic meters of billing, as long as 1.3 Singapore dollars per 0.01 cubic meters, the minimum starting as long as 0.1 cubic meters, that is, 13 Singapore dollars can be shipped, is not very easy to reach ? Remember, it is 0.1 cubic meters shipped, you can transport 10 0.01 cubic meters of small package Oh. (The size of a shoebox size is 0.02) 0.5 cubic meters, special price of 59 Singapore dollars, we free home delivery friends Of course, the purchase of furniture customers 85 yuan per cubic meter, we free home delivery. The most important thing is, do not need to watch the time with the group, no fight with others. I can be independent shipping, what shoes, bags, clothes, home cooking, etc. I have all shipped to Singapore! Alcohol and tobacco in Singapore absolutely not not bad Oh! The question is, I am so small and small things, will not be lost? We are very serious to tell you that we are a local registered company in Singapore IT system operation, from the parcel storage to delivery, to Singapore and then delivery, SMS text messages at every step, online reporting GST, eliminating the need for EXCLE time , The loss of goods in full accordance with the declared price of compensation, at the same time, in order to facilitate living in Serangoon / Kovan / Hougang, we set up in the MRT near the text of the MRT, to facilitate the region's companion, .

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