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Guangzhou to Singapore special line double clearance direct delivery to the door Install the cabinet in Guangzhou, install the cabinet every day, set up the cabinet for about 8-9 days to the door. The entire territory of Singapore (sent to the downstairs); Service advantages: door to door transportation, destination port zero cost and total cost: customs clearance fee, file fee, export list, wharf fee, commodity inspection fee, ocean freight fee and customs clearance fee and delivery fee in Singapore, excluding Singapore's 7%GST consumption tax. Own warehouse, free storage, for customers to concentrate goods. The quantity is great and the price is favorable. 广州到新加坡专线双清关 直接送货到门 广州装柜,每天都装柜,装柜起8-9天左右到门。 新加坡全境(派送至楼下); 服务优势:门到门一站运输,目的港零费用,费用全包:中国的报关费、文件费、出口单、码头费、商检费、海运费等与新加坡的清关费、派送费,不含新加坡的7%GST消费税。 自有仓库,免费仓储,供客户集中货物。 量大从优,价格优惠。

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