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Our Mission Officially established in 1926, Chinese Furniture Dealer’s Association was renamed SINGAPORE FURNITURE ASSOCIATION (SFA) in 1995 to reflect its enlarged role as an effective representative body of the furniture retailers, manufacturers and traders. It has grown from strength to strength to date, we serve a membership strength of more than 200 members in the furniture and furnishings industry. Our MISSION is to promote the development and growth of the local furniture and furnishings industry. We strive to elevate the standards of integrity and professionalism amongst our members so as to achieve excellence in service and quality of products to meet the demands and expectations of consumers and society at large. Besides promoting businesses, our association also seeks to promote camaraderie amongst members through the association’s activities. 正式成立于1926年的星洲华人家私商公局于1995年更名为新加坡家具商会,已经扩大成为一个代表家具零售商、制造商和批发商的行业商会。至今共有两百多个会员,均来自家具业及家居装饰与用品业。 我们的任务是促进和推动本地家具业和家居装饰与用品业的发展。我们致力于提高全行业各会员的整体职业素质与专业水平,为广大客户提供更为优质的服务和产品,满足顾客和社会广泛要求。除了促进业务的发展外,我们还力求通过商会的各种活动来促进各会员之间的友谊。 LOG IN Email Password Lost Password OUR MISSION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE HISTORY HONORARY PRESIDENT

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