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HELLO, FEEL AT HOME. More and more people have grown to love teak. Teak has long been valued as one of earth’s finest timbers, renowned for its aesthetic golden brown appearance and durability. Over the years, appreciation for teak has shifted: from shipping and railway industries, to domestic furnishing. Today, teak has become a valuable option for those with a penchant for a warm, inviting and naturally restful home. At Scanteak, we seek to create beautifully designed and lasting furniture. Our design and craft are inspired by Scandinavian ideology, whereby simplicity and functionality take precedence. Scanteak’s lifelong vision lies in furnishing home solutions to the hectic pace of executive living. We also believe that the colour and grains of teak, which exude natural beauty, coupled with simple and uncluttered designs, are a perfect mix for the executive’s home. Indeed, we are welcomed by many homes worldwide. To date, we have opened more than 100 retail outlets and flagship stores in Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, Brunei, Japan, Canada and USA. In Taiwan, we’re currently the biggest furniture chain store retailer. Wherever it may be, we wish to bring the warm, restful and inviting experience to our visitors. We wish to make our guests feel at home from the moment we first meet. Welcome.

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