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175 Lompang Road, Singapore 670175

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We understand how special and valuable your piano is, and we have the unique expertise and equipment to safely move all types and sizes of pianos, including: ​ *Digital Piano *Electro Piano *Organ Piano *Upright Piano *Baby Grand Piano *Grand Piano *Concert Grand Piano Beside piano moving, we also provide various types of piano services including: *Piano Disposal *Piano Tuning *Piano Storage *Piano Rental *Piano Carrying Via Staircase *Harpsichord Moving 我们了解您的钢琴有多么特别和重要,我们拥有独特的专业技术和设备,可以安全地移动钢琴的所有类型和大小,包括: ​*数码钢琴 *电钢琴 *器械钢琴 *立式钢琴 *孩子钢琴 *大钢琴 *音乐会三角钢琴 除了运输钢琴,我们还提供各种类型的钢琴服务,包括: *钢琴处理 *钢琴调优 *钢琴存储 *钢琴出租 *通过楼梯搬送钢琴 *羽管键琴移动

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