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昇發搬家是新加坡政府注册专业性强的搬家公司,发展到现在已经具有一定规模的专业搬家公司,所有的工作人员都具有很强的敬业精神和专业的操作技能,工人可熟练的搬运钢琴、保险柜、拆装家具、隔断、承接居民、工厂的搬迁、搬运工作。 我们的服务理念是:“客户第一,客户至上,服务一流。合理收取一切费用,尽量减少客户的一些经济负担,我们以最大的热忱欢迎您的来电!以最大的热情为您服务! 服务范围:搬家运输,装修翻新,水电安装,隔间拆装。所有服务均免费提供纸箱、免费上门估价! Shengfa Moving is a professional moving company registered by the Singapore government. It has developed into a professional moving company with a certain scale. All staff have strong professionalism and professional operation skills. Workers can skillfully move pianos and safes, disassemble and assemble furniture, partition.We undertake residents relocation as well as factory relocation. Our service concept is: "Customer first, customer first, first-class service."Reasonably charge all costs and minimize some of the financial burden of customers. We welcome your calls with the greatest enthusiasm! Serve you with the greatest enthusiasm! Service scope: moving and transportation, decoration and renovation, water and electricity installation, compartmentalism ,disassembly and assembly. All services are provided with free cartons and free door-to-door valuation!

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