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SFR Logistics is the professional logistics arm of Singapore Furniture Rental (SFR). As Singapore’s preferred professional furniture rental and home staging service provider, SFR had the honour to furnish and set up hundreds of cozy homes. SFR logistics is the backbone of SFR operations, and the team have the right expertise & reliability for the following services: • Disposal service • House / Condo / HDB moving • Office moving • Furniture delivery • Other Ad Hoc Transportation * We provide packing boxes before the move and wrap your items for safe transportation on the day of move. SFR物流是SFR(新加坡家具租赁公司)的专业物流部门。我们作为新加坡专业的家具租赁及样板间搭建服务提供商,我们很荣幸地装修并参与建立了上百个温馨舒适的家。 SFR物流是SFR公司的运营核心,我们的团队提供专业可靠的如下服务: • 废旧家具处理 • 别墅/公寓/HDB搬迁 • 公司搬迁 • 运输家具 • 其他临时性的物流运输

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