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Cotton Care

53, UBI AVENUE 1, PAYA UBI INDUSTRIAL PARK, 1-29, Singapore 408934

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Cotton Care is dedicated to helping you achieve a quality lifestyle by taking the most dreaded chore of ironing and laundry cleaning off your to-do list. As we handle mainly household items, it gives us the edge to handle large volumes of laundry and dry cleaning all year round without discounting on efficiency, reliability and hygiene. Cotton Care致力于帮助您实现品质生活,我们帮您解决熨烫,清洗等令人厌烦的琐事,替您解决所有待办事项。由于我们处理的主要是家居用品,使得我们有优势常年来以不打折的高效率、可靠性和卫生性完成大量的洗衣和干洗任务。 Men: Shirt $4.50/ $5.50, Pants $6.50/$7, Bermuda $4/$5, Jacket $8/$8.50Ladies: Blouse $5.50/$6.50, Skirt(short) $6/$6.50, Skirt (long) $7/$7.50, Dress(short) $7/$9, Dress(long) $8/$10Delivery: min $30男士: 衬衫 $4.50/ $5.50, 长裤 $6.50/$7, 短裤 $4/$5, 夹克 $8/$8.50女士: 衬衫 $5.50/$6.50, 短裙(短) $6/$6.50, 短裙 (长) $7/$7.50, 裙子(短) $7/$9, 裙子(长) $8/$10Delivery: 最少$30

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