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Many homes and businesses in Singapore depend on dry cleaning services. This type of cleaning is the fastest and delivers quick results. There are some particular types of clothes that need to be cleaned through by dry cleaning. Such clothes can be ruined if they are cleaned with water. That can end up costing you a lot. When you are in need of the dry cleaning services, one thing you should always do is find a reliable dry cleaning company. The company that you choose should offer the most reliable laundry services. That said, here are the reasons why we are a leading dry cleaning company in Singapore; • We are experienced One thing a good laundry company should have is the experience in that field. We have been in the laundry services industry for over ten years, and dry cleaning is one of our specialties. We know how to deal with different types of clothes that need to be dry cleaned. Also, we understand the quality and relevance of dry cleaning services. We have also worked with di 新加坡的许多家庭和企业依赖干洗服务,这种类型的洗衣服务能够最快交付洗好的衣物,一些特殊类型的衣服需要干洗,这些衣物如果被水洗可能会损坏,造成您的大量损失。当您需要干洗服务时,您首先应该找到一个提供最可靠洗衣服务的干洗公司。一家好的干洗公司应当拥有该领域的从业经验,而我们已经在洗衣服务行业超过十年,干洗是我们的特色之一。我们知道如何处理不同类型需要干洗的衣物。此外,我们了解干洗服务的质量需求,我们已经为不同年龄的客户服务过,这使我们成为一个成熟的公司,可以为您提供最合适的服务。 Men: Shirt $4/ $6, Trouser/Bermudas $4/$6, Sweater $8/$10Ladies: Blouse $4/6, Skirt $4/$6, Dress $8/$12Delivery: min $35男士: 衬衫 $4/ $6, 长裤/短裤 $4/$6, 运动衫 $8/$10女士: 衬衫 $4/6, 短裙 $4/$6, 裙子 $8/$12Delivery: 最少$35

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