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Chengworld Enterprise provides a hassle-free, professional laundry and dry cleaning service to our customers in Singapore. We take pride in our communications with our customers to ensure that the items are collected, cleaned and returned in good cleaned condition. We will ensure that adequate care is given to your items during the whole process from the time they are pickup to delivery back to you. All feedbacks given are taken seriously in order to improve our service to you. Our comprehensive services are served by state-of-the-art laundry & dry cleaning machines and are operated by our experienced staff. We are responsible to our customers and will listen to any special instructions and feedback when given by our customers. We provide a free laundry collection & delivery service within Singapore as long as you make an appointment with us at least a day in advance with the minimum ordered value. There is an additional transport cost for same day order/collection. Please contact us Chengworld企业在新加坡为我们的客户提供无忧、专业的洗衣和干洗服务。我们与客户之间的沟通良好以确保收取,清洁并交付清洗干净的衣物。我们将确保在整个收取到交付的过程中充分照顾您的衣物。所有反馈都会被郑重对待以提升我们的服务质量。我们的综合服务使用全岛的最先进的洗衣和干洗机,并由我们的经验丰富的工作人员操作完成。我们对我们的客户负责,并会听取客户的特殊指示和反馈意见。我们在全岛免费提供收取和交付衣物的服务,只要您达到最低订购价值并提前一天预约。若预约当天收取衣物,将会收取额外的运输成本。请联系我们获取更多详情

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