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Now more than ever, Laundromats are considered a functional amenity. The location, convenience, design, quality and special features of laundromats may have a more significant impact on your quality of life than other amenities such as a bank or a fitness center, because having clean clothes to wear is a daily necessity for everyone. At Easy Wash, everyone can have clean laundry at a fraction of the current cost and effort. We automated many technologies so doing your laundry means the simple touch of a button. To care for your different fabrics, our wash options range from "Soft and Delicate" to "Hot and Heavy". The benefits of using commercial laundry technologies, our large capacity equipment and the flexibility to pay-as-you-use simply cannot be found at home. “现在,洗衣店成为了一种功能性设施。它的地点,便捷,设计,质量和特色都可能比其他设施如银行或健身中心对你的生活质量的影响更为显著,因为有干净的衣服穿,是每个人日常生活的必需。 在Easy Wash,每个人都可以有较小成本的清洁洗衣房。我们拥有很多自动化技术,这样让你通过一个按钮的简单的触摸来操作洗衣。为了照顾你的不同面料,我们的洗涤选择范围可以选择“Soft and Delicate”到“Hot and Heavy”不等。这样的商用的洗衣机技术,大容量的设备和灵活的支付是不能在家里找到的。

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