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Jeeves PTE. LTD.

10, ANSON ROAD, INTL PLAZA, 22-8, Singapore 079903

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Jeeves has arrived in Singapore! Operating in major cities around the world such as London, New York, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, Jeeves is regarded as the specialist dry cleaner of choice to those individuals who value their quality garments and wish to see them handled and cared for in the manner they deserve! Carrying on a most venerable tradition, Jeeves offers gentlemen and ladies an unmatched personal valeting service. Jeeves in Singapore draws upon the 40 years of experience gained in London catering to royalty, haute couture houses and stylish individuals who value and appreciate their quality garments. We are committed to delivering in Singapore the same quality service you would expect to receive in London. Our key employees were trained at the Jeeves facility in London and in order to ensure standards of the highest quality we receive regular visits from headquarters management. At our centralized processing facility in Singapore we only employ the most modern tec Jeeves已抵达新加坡!我们在世界各地的主要城市如伦敦,纽约,香港,雅加达和吉隆坡经营。对于那些谁重视服装品质的客户,Jeeves被认为是首选的专业干洗店。 Jeeves为绅士和淑女提供无与伦比的个人贴身服务。在新加坡Jeeves借鉴在伦敦为皇室,高级时装屋和时尚人士服务40年的经验。 我们致力于为新加坡提供相同品质的服务,你会获得在伦敦一样的品势。我们的骨干员工在伦敦的Jeeves进行了培训,以保证最高的质量标准;我们受到来自总部的管理层定期探访。在新加坡我们拥有集中处理的设施,我们只采用最先进的技术和工艺。 我们相信Jeeves使你的衣服得到应有的呵护! Men: Shirt $7 Pants $9.50, Bermuda $4/$5, Jacket(Formal) $12.50Ladies: Blouse $8.50, Skirt $9.50, Day Dress $16Delivery: min $40男士: 衬衫 $7 长裤 $9.50, 短裤 $4/$5, 夹克(正式) $12.50女士: 衬衫 $8.50, 短裙 $9.50, 日常裙子 $16Delivery: 最少$40

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