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For your added convenience, MopSquad also provides laundry and dry cleaning services. Just toss your items in a bag and we will deliver them back to you cleaned, fresh-smelling and neatly packaged. Rest assured we will check every item carefully and follow the manufacturers’ recommended care instructions unless you specify otherwise beforehand. If you have any special handling request, all you need to do is attach a note to us and we will take care of it accordingly. We have created this time-saving home delivery service for your laundry and dry cleaning for you to enjoy. If you are interested in using it, simply give us a call today or submit the online service order form and we will schedule a collection time for your laundry. 为了您的方便,MopSquad提供洗衣及干洗服务。只需要将衣服装在一个袋子里,我们将还给你干净的,带着新鲜气味和包装精美衣物。 请放心,我们会仔细检查每个项目,并按照制造商建议的说明保养。如果您有任何特殊处理要求,你仅需要附上纸条给我们,我们会相应地处理。 我们为您提供洗衣和干洗的送货上门服务,让您节省时间。如果您有兴趣,只需给我们一个电话今天或提交在线服务订单,我们会安排时间来取您的衣服。

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