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Singapore Locksmith services First Locks is Singapore's professional Locksmith Technician who using the latest tools and techniques, will gain entry to your house with the minimum of fuss. All of our technicians are local grown talents and you can easily identify our helpful staff by looking at our staff profiles online. First Locks provide, not only door opening, locks repair, maintenance or lock replacement service for all types of locks and also a professional installation service and assessment profiling. We specialize in installation of main door locks, gate locks window locks and room door locks. Various lock types available Abloy locks, Yale locks, Union locks. Mul-T-locks. 我们不仅提供开锁服务,还提供门锁维修,保养或更换锁服务。 我们专注于安装主门锁,门锁窗锁和房间门锁。 各种锁类型都能提供。

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