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Whole City Painting Service

637, HOUGANG AVENUE 8, #08-123, Singapore 530637

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Condo, Department, HDB, Industry, Hotel, etc. Offer the best & professional Room Painting Service! Do not know who to call? Search no more, give whole city Painting a call @84868866 全城油漆公司,以诚信为本,专业粉刷各式组屋,公寓,修复名种墙面墙顶的裂痕裂缝,保证油漆后的光滑与美观,价格最底 从事粉刷工作己多年,在工作中以诚信为本,本着为屋主负责的心态去做工,修补各种墙面的裂缝裂纹,起皮,保证修补完与实体墙无修补过的痕迹,在粉刷中对屋内的一切物品有周到的保护错施。 联系电话:84868866

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