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PRECON RENOVATION & ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR was first established as sole proprietor Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) company since 1993. Soon, it expanded its expertise into painting industry and now with over 12 years of experience,in painitng field alone, PRECON has become a trusted painting company for both personal and government projects. From 2014, PRECON has became a private limited company, now known as PRECON RENOVATION & ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR PTE LTD Through the years, PRECON has maintained its stable growth by building trust and customers’ satisfaction, to fulfill almost all aspects of renovation services. PRECON RENOVATION & ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR(原名Mechanical & Electrical,M&E)成立于1993年。随后不久,扩大了它的油漆粉刷服务,目前已拥有超过12年的经验。在油漆粉刷领域, PRECON已经成为一个值得信赖的油漆粉刷公司。 从2014年起,PRECON成为私人有限公司,即现在的PRECON RENOVATION & ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR PTE LTD。 这些年来,PRECON的客户满意度保持续增长,提供几乎与装修相关的所有服务。

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