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At Nippon Paint, we believe everyone can become an expert in paints. By furnishing our customers with the finest paint products you can paint the world in the way you desire. Our wide range of Interior Paints & Exterior Paints boasts of breakthrough technology as well as being environmentally-friendly. With our Professional Painting Service, you are assured of our finest paint products and exclusive warranty. Browse through our extensive DIY paint tips for painting techniques and experiment with paint colour schemes and via our paint colour palettes and paint photo palettes before even picking up a brush! Nippon Paint相信每个人都可以成为油漆粉刷领域的专家。通过最优秀的涂料产品,我们的客户就可以用你想要的方式绘制整个世界。 内部油漆和涂料外墙的突破性技术以及涂料的环保性是我们我们一直以来的骄傲。

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