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We provide the following services as stated below: Cementing or flooring repairs for your new or old house Floor Tile Services of any area for your new or old house Floor Polishing Services for wood or granite. Give us a call to ask if you have other materials. Handyman Services for all house types in Singapore. Painting services for new homes Our company work closely with certified designers, we will be able to arrange for a meet up if you require a drawing of your layout plan. 我们提供下列服务,如下所述: 为您新旧房子的水泥或地板维修。 为您新旧房子的任何区域铺地板砖服务。 木材或花岗岩地板抛光服务。如果您其它的材料,请联系我们的电话咨询。 在新加坡的任何住宅类型的勤杂工服务。 新家的粉刷服务 我们公司与认证的设计师紧密合作,如果你需要一个你的布局计划,我们将会安排一次见面。

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