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V3 Home Services is a leader in providing professional home services in Singapore, we are experienced in providing home services to many homes since the mid-90's. We have a team to trained home experts that were professionally trained to the different fields of cleaning, painting, electrical, plumbing and etc. In these days where everyone are busy occupied with their daily work like you, many additional pairs of dedicated hands are necessary to ensure that you return to a cosy and well maintained home. You need to engage the right professional to do the right job for your home, even if you do not know which one to engage, our home experts are there to provide that expert advise and help that can solve the problem for you. To ensure that V3 Home Services always gets the job done correctly and well, at V3 Home Services, we only use the right tools for the right job. We never compromise you safety and our staff's safety, we ensure that our tools are well maintained certified for use bef V3居家服务是在新加坡提供专业家居服务的领导者,我们提供上门服务。自90年代起,我们就有一支训练有素的置业专家队伍提供专业训练,清洁,油漆,电路维修等服务。 为保证V3家居服务的上门服务,我们只使用正确的工具做正确的工作。我们从来不会损害您和我们工作人员的安全,确保工具是安全认证的。 我们的定价同样合理,我们将提供一个报价并向客户解释,以确保他们了解我们的服务。

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