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Riddance, with a team of experience service personnel and technicians, provide pest management, odour control services, waste water treatment and washroom sanitary care since 1998. We, specializes in all pests for residential, industrial and commercial properties for Ants, Bed Bugs, Bees, Book Louse, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Rodents, Termites, Wood Borer etc. We also provide anti termite soil, roof and timber treatment. For environmental services, we use bioremediation refers as bacterial cultural/enzyme products from USA. The high quality, environmentally sound products help to solve problems in air pollution and waste water. Riddance有富有经验的服务人员和技术人员;自1998年以来一直为客户提供病虫害管理,气味控制、废水处理和卫生间清洁服务。 我们专业处理各种住宅、工业和商业场所的害虫如蚂蚁、臭虫、蜜蜂、书虱、蟑螂、蚊子、老鼠、白蚁、蛀木虫等。我们还提供土壤、屋顶和木材的防白蚁处理。 对于环境整治服务,我们采用美国的生物修复技术,采用高质量,对环境无害的产品,有助于解决空气污染和废水的问题。

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