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Ladybird Pest Control

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LADYBIRD Pest Management is a NEA-licensed pest control company in Singapore, with a passion for making a positive impact on families and businesses in our community. We use our knowledge and experience in the pest control industry to provide effective and safe treatment. Our tecnhicans are certified by NEA, and we employ innovation and technology to effectively treat both residential and commercial pest infestations. Our approach is thorough and persistent, bringing you fast and conclusive relief. Ladybird Pest Management 公司是NEA(国家环境署)在新加坡授权的虫害控制公司。我们的目标是为社区中的家庭和商业带来积极的影响。我们利用我们的知识和经验,提供有效和安全害虫解决方法。我们的技术人员由NEA认证,我们采用创新技术来有效地处理住宅和商业的虫害。我们的方法是彻底且可持续的,使你的问题得到快速与有效的解决。

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