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System Pest Control Services

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System Pest Control Services was established initially as a partnership company in 1981. The company has only secured twelve contracts with five staff operating the business at the very beginning of this business venture. This partnership company was later incorporated in Singapore in 1990, named System Pest Control Services Private Limited. Thereafter, the business was expanded greatly with the awrd of various service contracts by Housing Development Board (HDB), Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), National Environmental Agency (NEA) and other private properties developers. In 1988, the company expanded its operation to the neighbouring country and an associate limited company was established, named Systm Pest (M) Sdn Bhd, in West Malaysia. Over the years, the business expanded from Johor Bahru to other parts of Malaysia, specifically Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and East Malaysia, Sarawak. In 2008, the company started its first branch System Pest Control Services最初是在1981年成立。此后,业务逐渐扩大,客户包括建屋发展局(HDB),市区重建局(URA),新加坡海事和港口管理局(MPA),国家环境保护局(NEA)和其他私人性质的开发商。 1988、公司拓展业务到邻国,同时在马来西亚西部成立一家联营有限公司, System Pest (M) Sdn Bhd。多年来,业务从柔佛扩展到马来西亚其他地区,尤其是马六甲,吉隆坡,怡保和东马来西亚、沙捞越。2008年公司在胡志明开始其第一个越南分支。 在过去的30多年的历史中,System Pest Control Service的目标是保护环境并成为行业翘楚。公司在这一领域定期跟踪最新技术和产品,以为公众提供最佳的服务。我们的技术人员和操作人员都有参加国家环境保护局(NEA)的培训课程和技能提升,为保证服务质量。”

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