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LivingwithArt Singapore is an art company that offers a wide range of customised art products for interior decoration. Our Uniqueness lies in the ability to customise the style, dimensions and execution of the artwork to the requirements of your living space. Our art products include hand-drawn wall paintings, art clocks, sculptures and other home accessories. Our wall paintings consist of a wide range styles such as Fengshui, Abstract, Modern Contemporary, Minimalism, Floral, Nature, and Resort for you to choose them. The sculptures can be created from a selection of metal, acrylic, clay, ceramics or wood. All art products are created by our in-house artists. Over the last 10 years, we have worked on various commercial and private residential projects, enhancing living spaces. Our artworks have enriched condominium and private showflats, homes and offices. LivingwithArt是一家艺术品公司,提供了很多用于室内装饰艺术的定制产品。 我们的独特之处在于根据您的生活空间的要求,设计自定义的风格,并实现最终效果。我们的艺术产品包括手绘壁画,艺术钟表,雕塑和其他家庭用品。 我们的壁画包括风水、抽象,范围广泛,风格现代、简约,花卉,自然,和度假胜地。这些雕塑可以使用金属、丙烯酸、粘土、陶瓷或木材制作。 所有艺术产品都是由我们内部的艺术家创造的。在过去的10年里,我们一直致力于各种商业和私人住宅项目,提高生活空间。我们的作品丰富了公寓和私人公寓,家里和办公室。

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