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Goodrich Global provides the perfect finishing touch to every interior. It offers an extensive collection of interior wallcoverings, carpets, fabrics and floorings(laminate,vinyl,engineered timber and outdoor decking) for you to create a completely personalized furnished ambience. Established in 1983, the Goodrich Global brand has grown to become synonymous with trend-setting wallcoverings. Goodrich boasts a strong presence throughout the region, with over 30 regional offices and Goodrich Galleries located throughout 7 countries including Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and United Arab Emirates. - See more at: Goodrich Global为每一个室内组件提供完美的装饰。它广泛收集了室内墙纸、地毯、织物和地板(强化、乙烯基、工程木材和室外装饰)等产品,为你打造一个完全个性化的装饰氛围。Goodrich Global品牌成立于1983,已经成为潮流墙纸的代名词。Goodrich拥有包括新加坡、中国、香港、印度、印度尼西亚、马来西亚,泰国和阿拉伯联合酋长国7个国家超过30的区域办事处以及Goodrich画廊。具体可见:

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